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Dr. Cara Richards-Tutor Receives Samuel A. Kirk Award

Published January 28, 2019

Dr. Cara Richards-Tutor has received the 2018 Samuel A. Kirk Award for her research article, “Review of Single Subject Research Examining the Effectiveness of Interventions for At-risk English Learners” included in Learning Disabilities Research & Practice. The winning article surveyed 10 case studies and reviewed the efficacy of interventions in English language learners at risk of or with learning disabilities. Named after Samuel A. Kirk, a pioneer in the field of special education, the eponymous award is overseen by the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD), a special interest group of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

Article abstract: “We review published single subject design (SSD) studies that examine the effects of interventions for English learners at‐risk or with learning disabilities. Results of our literature search yielded 10 studies, five in reading, one in reading and behavior, and four in mathematics that met our inclusion criteria. Seven studies targeted Spanish‐speaking English learners, and three studies included students who spoke other languages than English and/or English only students. Two studies in mathematics included native language instruction. Six studies included English learners in second grade and above, and one study included high school students. We were able to calculate effect sizes (Hedges g) for eight of the 10 studies. Findings indicated a significant effect of the intervention for 12 of the 18 dependent variables measured. SSD methodology has the potential to help researchers and practitioners better understand what interventions work for English learners, and under what circumstances.”

Baker, D. L., Richards‐Tutor, C., Sparks, A., & Canges, R. (2018). “Review of single subject research examining the effectiveness of interventions for at‐risk English learners”. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 33, 64-74.