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Legal Resource Center

Published August 27, 2021

Legal Resource Center Provides Resources and Opportunities to CSULB and Community Stakeholders

Allison E. Butler, JD, a full-time lecturer with the Legal Studies in Business Program, created and developed the College of Business Legal Resource Center (LRC), providing access to legal resources, presentations, and an online certificate program.

The LRC, through its website and physical presence on campus, assists undergraduate and graduate students and other stakeholders in the CSULB community and throughout the state with access to legal resources and opportunities to achieve their educational and personal goals. The LRC works with the Los Angeles County Bar Association for free consultations and other legal organizations to achieve this objective. The LRC values legal and ethical actions, innovative efforts, solutions to environmental challenges, resolution of injustice in the treatment of individuals, and collaboration through interdisciplinary initiatives through various engagements with the students, staff, and the public throughout the year.

The LRC, managed voluntarily by Allison E. Butler, J.D., provides students volunteer opportunities to author legal articles based on their interests posted on the LRC website (e.g., BLM, Vaccines, anti-Asian incidents, etc.) or to participate in other manners. The LRC provides yearly U.S. Supreme Court and California law updates and presents bi-annual presentations ranging from local to international interests, which have included webinars that were offered to students, the CSULB community, and international attendees:

  • Doing Business in Italy: a webinar jointly presented by LRC in conjunction with professors at the University of Bari, Italy, to bring solidarity to academic communities on an international level during the pandemic. Students and academics from U.S. and Italy attended.
  • Special Guest Speaker: author Eric Weiner discussed different philosophies on coping with pandemic issues.
  • USPTO Guest Speaker: a webinar presented by a USPTO representative discussing intellectual property focusing on filing patents.

A Special COVID legal resource section was added to the LRC website in response to the pandemic. Additionally, a complimentary 8-week BLAW Certificate Program was developed with community leaders and offered to underserved businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the region. Attendees learned basic legal concepts and skills that enhance their understanding of the law, promoting future business success. The program covered various topics based on discussion with community leaders and participants, from contract review to understanding cryptocurrencies. Participants received a Certificate of Participation and a Digital Badge.

See the LRC website for further information.