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Authors Wanted

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  • Verified university students and faculty are eligible to submit an article.
  • All CSU Information Privacy Policy applies.
  • The LRC is looking for authors who are interested in writing about topics of interest to undergraduate or graduate students. The LRC is also interested in articles that discuss Native American rights or any subject related therein. Please refer to LRC Article Submission Guidelines (pdf) for further instruction.


Use the form below to submit your article ~or~ email both submission and banner image to, with subject “CSULB LRC ARTICLE SUBMISSION”

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By clicking the agree** option below and as the submitter of this document, you will certify that the information provided in the document is accurate and reflects your own work to the best of your knowledge. Also, any images provided are free from copyright restrictions. You have read and understood the guidelines for article submission to the LRC. If you submit an online Volunteer LRC Article, please make sure to send an e-mail to to ask any questions and confirm that your submission has been received.