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LifeFit Center

The LifeFit Center @ The Beach reopened on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021!

We are excited to welcome you back to campus for LifeFit on site programming!

Please note: All LifeFit visitors, members, and staff must wear masks inside the facility at all times (regardless of vaccination status).

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 2 pm

Group Fitness Schedule:

LifeFit Group Fitness as of 9/13/21:


9 am: The Monday Mix with Alec 

12 pm: Work It Circuit with Alec


9 am: Building Strength with Hector

12 pm: CardioBlast with Hector 


9 am: CardioBlast with Hector 

12 pm: Building Strength with Hector 


9 am: Building Strength with Genevieve

12 pm: Core & More with Genevieve 


9 am: CardioBlast with Genevieve 


LifeFit Class Descriptions

Building Strength: Build muscle and increase bone density with 50 minutes of resistance training for all major muscle groups using cardio, barbells, hand weights, and resistance bands.

Cardio Blast: A cardio class for all levels incorporating low-impact, choreographed kickboxing based movements that are designed to elevate your heart rate and result in a fun aerobic workout.

Core and More: Improve core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility in this 50-minute class. A mix of mat work and circuits using controlled breathing.

The Monday Mix: Half strength and cardio, half mobility, flexibility, and balance. Start off the week with a little bit of everything.

Work It Circuit: Let’s work it from station to station in this fast-paced blend of cardio and resistance training. Work your whole body in just 50 minutes.

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Please note: We will continue our virtual group fitness membership on an ongoing basis.

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LifeFit Virtual Programming

Virtual Programming Options: Group Fitness*, Personal Training, Fitness Consultation/Wellness Coaching, and Wellness Workshops!

Please email Ayla Donlin for more information about LifeFit Virtual Programming.

​Important Disclaimer for LifeFit Virtual Programming:

LifeFit Mission & Vision

Education. Research. Community. Wellness.

LifeFit Vision and Mission

Membership at LifeFit

LifeFit has members from all walks of life, including CSULB employees and Long Beach community members. 

LifeFit Membership

LifeFit Members are Fit for Life!

Check out this video from Beach Magazine to learn what the LifeFit Center is all about! Read more regarding Fit for Life .

LifeFit Fit for Life

LifeFit Center Monthly Themes

Here is a look at the LifeFit Center's monthly themes for 2018.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for activities or speakers at the LFC, please let LFC management know:

January - Goal Setting
February - Healthy Heart
March – Nutrition
April - Exercise Is Medicine
May - Arthritis Awareness
June - Cardiorespiratory Fitness
July - Muscular Fitness
August - Flexibility & Balance
September - Bone Health
October - Fall & Injury Prevention
November - Mental Wellness & Stress Reduction
December - Healthy Holidays