Toni Espinoza-Ferrel, M.P.H.

Toni Espinoza-Ferrel has been a lecturer at CSULB in the Health Science Department since 1997, the HSC Graduate Program Coordinator from 2000-2011, and the Graduate Program Director from 2011 to present.  She has taught Drugs and Health, Orientation to Health Science, Community Health, Applied Concepts of Health Education, Human Sexuality, and Internship.  Ms. Espinoza-Ferrel has worked in the area of tobacco since 1990 on eight California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) funded grants.  Ms. Espinoza-Ferrel’s expertise in evaluation includes, but is not limited to, training of data collection and data entry personnel, database development, data management, data analysis, and generation of reports. Additionally, Ms. Espinoza-Ferrel also has over 30 years of experience evaluating community based public health projects involving youth, sexual health and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) issues. ​

She received a bachelor’s degree in Community Health (1990) and a Master’s Degree in Public Health (1997) from California State University, Long Beach.  

She has over 20 years of experience evaluating public health projects involving youth, sexual health, and ATOD including:  

  • HIV Behavior Change and Skills Building Project (JWCH)
  • TeenSMART (JWCH), AIDS Video Project (JWCH)
  • Reproductive Awareness Project (JWCH)
  • Alliance for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (ATTP-JWCH) Program
  • Every 15 Minutes
  • Youth Development Framework (JWCH), PAL® Program
  • School to Career; Healthy Kids Survey for Alternative Education (JWCH)
  • Anaheim Union High School TUPE and Communities United for Fullerton Schools

She also has experience evaluating community-based projects including:

  • Project Impact-Tobacco Prevention and Education (JWCH)
  • Tobacco-Free Communities-TUPP
  • TUPP’s Prevention and Cessation Projects through the Orange County Health Care Agency and Tobacco Intervention Project Orange County