Dr. Michelle Taylor

Dr. Taylor’s primary research interests include examining contextual and relational influences on young children’s school readiness. Much of her work focuses on the role of adults in young children’s learning and development, with specific emphasis on the quality of interactions between caregivers and children. Additionally, she is involved in the development and evaluation of teacher professional development programming, with a particular interest in the mechanisms that lead to positive changes in caregiver behavior including engagement, reflection, and coaching support. Dr. Taylor is currently working in partnership with the Scottsdale Public Library to examine the effectiveness of several library programs for promoting young children’s school readiness. She is the recipient of a Program Evaluation Grant funded by the Brady Education Foundation to examine the effectiveness of the Books Can…© program, and a Secondary Analyses of Data on Early Care and Education grant funded by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) to examine the professional development experiences of Head Start teachers and related impacts on teacher practice and child outcomes. 

Academic Area:
Child Development and Family Studies

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