Family Life Education

Family Life Education in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences provides an academic and professional background for work with children, adults, couples, and families. 

It offers an interdisciplinary foundation in several areas that influence and enhance the quality of life of children, adults, couples, and families based on education, enrichment, and prevention. Fieldwork opportunities where students have direct experiences with individuals and families in the community are provided for qualified students. 

About Family Life Education

This option was introduced in response to a certification process developed by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR). NCFR is the leading national organization for professionals concerned with promoting and enhancing the quality of family life. NCFR sponsors the only national program to certify family life educators.

After completing the recommended preparatory course work in this department, it is possible to get two types of certification from NCFR:

Provisional Certification

Provisional certification is available to applicants who can demonstrate content knowledge in each of the 10 Family Life Education content areas, but who have not yet earned enough work experience hours in Family Life Education to qualify for full-certification status.

Full Certification

Full certification is available to CFLE applicants who can demonstrate both content knowledge and sufficient work experience in Family Life Education. Learn more about work

Become certified