Strategic Communications Core Course

This course is designed to improve an individual's ability to generate voluntary compliance through the art of persuasion while utilizing the tools of interpersonal communication. The student will receive an overview of Strategic Communications within the use of force scale, communications elements, inappropriate language, questioning techniques, and other communication principals.

This course is appropriate for all personnel that deal with the public and is a refresher of Verbal Judo and the core principles of Strategic Communications.

Students will demonstrate a minimum standard of Strategic Communication skills including listening and persuasion, judgment and decision-making, officer safety and deescalation, and effective verbal commands under stressful conditions.



2023-2024 Dates

There are no class dates scheduled at this time.




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Course Outline

Topical Areas

  • The basic components of communication skills and techniques
  • Development of listening and persuasion skills as they relate to effective tactical communication
  • Skills development to effectively deal with difficult people
  • Increasing officer safety through communication
  • The affect of public perception and how we communicate with the public
  • The impact of body cameras and public perception