Family & Consumer Sciences

Preschool teacher with children

Child & Family Development

Strive to improve the lives of children and families by supporting effective early education, healthy interactions within families, and thriving family environments. 

Business man in office talking on the phone

Consumer Affairs

Make an impact on the development, delivery, and evaluation of consumer goods. Consumer affairs specialists are involved in consumer advocacy and protection, law and legislation, and financial planning and counseling. 

Dietician explaining to her patient the properties of the le

Dietetics & Nutrition

Help maintain and improve the health of individuals and groups. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) and other nutrition professionals promote healthy eating habits and prevent and treat nutrition-related diseases.

Family counselor sitting with family

Family Life Education

Improve the quality of life for children, adults, couples, and families. Family life educators empower family members by providing educational, preventative, and enrichment services in the community.  

Fashion designer working on design

Fashion Design

Design original clothing, accessories, or footwear. Fashion designers sketch their design ideas, spot clothing trends, and select styles, colors, and fabrics for a clothing collection. 

Fashion professional using iPad

Fashion Merchandising

Focus on the business side of fashion. Fashion merchandisers strategize the best way to advertise and sell clothes. They identify trends, track inventory, and look for ways to increase profits.

Food scientists testing food

Food Science

Use chemistry and the application of other scientific knowledge to understand food. Food scientists analyze the nutritional value of food, uncover new food sources, and make sure food is safe for consumption.  

Gerontologist working with elderly patient


Help older adults lead healthier and happier lives. The rapidly growing field of gerontology is dedicated to helping older adults navigate physical, mental, emotional, and social changes that may accompany aging. 

Restaurant manager working with chef

Hospitality Management

Create an exceptional experience for guests and increase business profits. Hospitality managers are responsible for the daily operation of restaurants, hotels, clubs, casinos, cruise ships, and other entertainment centers.