Public Policy & Administration

Make a large impact on the community by pursuing a career in public service. Public administrators lead and manage public, community-based, and non-profit organizations. 

Professional positions held by graduates:

  • Local government (city managers, deputy city managers, city council members, finance directors, budget analysts, management analysts, transit engineers, human resource managers, planners, economic development directors)
  • State government (state representative, legislative analyst, budget analyst, higher education analyst)
  • The federal government (Special agent- F.B.I, human resources manager, presidential management fellow) 
  • Academia

Public administration careers can be found in a wide variety of organizations that serve the public good at local, state, national and global levels.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for public policy workers is expected to grow by around 13% from 2014 to 2024, which is faster than the average for most other occupations.


According to, the average national salary of jobs for Public Administration was $60,000.00. California – $64,000. Average Public Administration salaries for job postings in California are 7% higher than average Public Administration salaries for job postings nationwide.

Service orientation

Public service administrators are interested in government and public policy. They want to shape policies that improve people’s lives. 

Analytical skills

Public administrators evaluate programs and data to provide strategic guidance to their organization.

Leadership abilities

Public administrators should have strong working relationships with their team. This may include giving clear instructions, motivating employees, and resolving conflicts. 


Public administrators must find creative solutions to community and policy challenges.  


Public administrators must make informed policy decisions that could have a large impact on the community they service. 

Communication skills

Effective communication is key to working with the community and employees. Public administrators must be able to speak and write clearly so others can understand them. Public speaking experience is also helpful because they often participate in community outreach.

Critical thinking skills

Public administrators must be able to adjust their policy plans as needed, finding alternative ways to meet community needs.