SERVE Partners

Program Information

Welcome to the SERVE Program! The SERVE (Service Experiences for ReVitalizing Education) Program in the College of Education at CSULB creates an opportunity for students at the undergraduate level, in particular for those who are considering careers in K-12 education, to learn about the realities of urban classrooms and the needs of the diverse K-12 student population. SERVE students work with students individually and in small groups to provide academic support and encourage personal growth. It is through this involvement that CSULB students assess their careers goals and provide direct service to students and teachers in grades K-12 and their communities.

Site Conditions for Field Placement

  • University students will work directly with K-12 students in urban classroom settings.
  • School has a diverse student population in terms of language, culture, gender and socio-economic background (minimum 27% of minority student population).
  • Cooperating teacher has a professional teaching credential with a minimum 3 years of teaching experience. Student is not related to cooperating teacher.