L.B. L.E.A.D.s

L.B. L.E.A.D.s aims to shift traditional power structures by boldly centering Black youth as change-makers and future educators* in the city of Long Beach. As leaders, Black youth will be positioned to shape the educational practices that impact them and their communities. L.B. L.E.A.D.s also will augment Black student college enrollment and timely graduation at CSULB and increase the number of Black educators thriving within the educational ecosystem of Long Beach. Black students at all levels will benefit from enhanced culturally-affirming educational practices modeled by L.B. L.E.A.D.s.

Our approach comprises three integrated core components to include: (1) Expanding a vibrant network of local Black youth, (2) Establishing smooth pathways for future Black educators, in partnership with community-based organizations and local educational organizations, and (3) Preparing educators* who exhibit equity-minded and culturally-affirming educational practices.  

What sets L.B. L.E.A.D.s apart from previous efforts dedicated to increasing Black college enrollment and diversifying the educator workforce?

Re-directing power to Black youth to lead!

Uprooting racial inequities and rebuilding viable educational pathways and communities requires innovation beyond traditional reform efforts and deficit-minded narratives. L.B. L.E.A.D.s will create new collaborations and re-envision current partnerships through the eyes and voices of Black youth.

*Educators are broadly conceptualized to include teachers, counselors, principals, coaches, student support professionals, advisors, professors, etc.  Educators prepare all other professionals in some capacity.