Spotlight Series: Peer Mentors

Published June 27, 2019
Christian Monterroso
Peer Mentor: Christian Monterroso
Peer Mentor: Christian Monterroso

My name is Christian Monterroso. I received my Bachelor’s degree in 2018 from CSULB. I have a degree in History and Chicano and Latino Studies. I have been a peer mentor with the Caminos Project for a year. During my time with Caminos, I was able to work with multiple students and professors in helping them consider a career in education. What attracted me to the Caminos Project is their goal of encouraging Latinos to pursue a career in education in order to meet the demographics of schools in Southern California. I will be student teaching in the Fall in the field of History. and  I will do my best to apply everything I learned at this University in my future classroom.

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