Devery Rodgers

Devery Rodgers, Ed.D., affectionately "Dr. Dev," has been impacting education for over 20 years. She is engaged in a deep and long-term exploration of the application of the tenets, tools, and methods towards performance improvement in education.


Doctor of Education: Education Leadership
University of Southern California
Dissertation: The social media dilemma in education: Policy design, implementation and effects

Master of Arts: Education - Curriculum & Instruction
California State University, Dominguez Hills

Bachelor of Arts: English and African-American Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

Education Technology Leadership

  • Tech Equity for Black Girls
  • Digital Technologies in Teaching and Learning
  • Instructional Technology Professional Development
  • Community & Family Connections with EdTech

Please see results of research in the publications and presentations below.

Rodgers, B. & Rodgers, D. (2023, April). Educating Black boys: The need for Black male mentorship. Kappan, 

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Rodgers, D. (2022, February 9). Equity-minded reading protocols in higher education [Invited facilitator]. CSULB College of Education.

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Rodgers, D. and Leonard, A. (2021, July 31). Innovative pedagogies: Leveraging the moment [Conference presentation], Center to Close the Opportunity Gap Educator Summit, The California State University, online. 

Dr. Rodgers and her graduate research assistant, Melanie Gerner, presented "Decolonizing STEM+C: Informal Community Organizations Impacting the Computer Science Pipeline with Black Female Talent"  at Cal State Long Beach's President's Commission on the Status of Women. Melanie subsequently went on to win 2nd place at the university-wide Grad SLAM.

Charter Faculty Co-Advisor of Black/Pan-African Graduate Student Association

Grant recipient of President's/Provost's EDI grant to explore the experiences of the College of Education's Black graduate students

Two people pose at a CSULB Black Grad selfie station
Dr. Devery Rodgers and Dr. Stephen Glass, Faculty Co-Advisors of BPGSA


A group of people pose together at a game night.
2023 Black Grad Game Night (held annually in February)


A group of people poses at a 2022 CED Black Grad Meet & Greet (held annually in August)