College of Education Scholarships: Key to Supporting Student Success

Our Mission in the College of Education is to promote equity and excellence in diverse urban settings. One of the ways we work towards this mission is to offer substantial scholarship support to our students, lessening the financial burden of achieving a quality higher education. 

The deadline to apply for 2018-19 scholarships is coming up on February 15, 2018. Our students are encouraged to apply by completing a single online application that will allow them to be considered for multiple scholarships, in the college and across the University, based on eligibility. This coming year, the College of Education will be offering over 100 donor-supported scholarships ranging from $500-$5,000. Visit the Center for Scholarship Information to apply now!

In the current academic year, the College of Education awarded a record number of 152 donor funded scholarships totaling $311,974. This is an increase from 2016-17 when the College awarded 116 scholarships totaling a little over $243,000. These scholarships are made possible by the ongoing generosity and support of our alumni, friends and donors.

Our scholarships help make education affordable for a diverse population of students while also recognizing and rewarding the accomplishments of students who are passionate about becoming educators or enhancing their professional competencies. Scholarships help enable students, such as 2017 Scholarship Reception student speakers Mizghan Nyear, Silvija Kerekes and Stephany Glover to achieve their educational and career goals.

Mizghan Nyear, who is currently completing the Urban Dual Credential Program with a Minor in Child Development and Family Studies received the Assistance League of Long Beach Liberal Studies scholarship and was truly grateful for the monetary support. She said, “I came to CSULB as a Liberal Studies (student) knowing what I wanted to do. I would love to teach future students how to teach students. This scholarship will help me attain my goals by providing me with financial relief and it will give me the opportunity to focus on my study and not worry about juggling school, work, my major, my minor, family, and all of the above. It helps me finance my education and it makes a world of difference because it gives me the opportunity to follow my dream as an educator.” 

Recipient Mizghan Nyear Speaks at the Reception
Mizghan Nyear Speaking at the Reception


Silvija Kerekes, who is working towards a single subject credential in Physical Education and earned her BS in Adapted Physical Education, received the Edith Key Memorial Scholarship. She shared how she came to the United States as a child unable to speak any English and how P.E. was the only subject in school where language was not a barrier. Silvija turned this experience into a love of teaching Physical Education and working with students who have special needs. She stated in her speech that, “For my goals as a future educator, it is honestly just to pass on the love and passion for physical education and show that it doesn’t matter about your disabilities; you are able to do anything that you put your mind to. I am so forever grateful and appreciative of the incredible scholarship. It has allowed me to continue and finish my student teaching with a lot less stress. I can now focus and have more time on improving as a teacher.” 

Silvija Kerekes Enjoys the Scholarship Reception
Silvija Kerekes Enjoys the Scholarship Reception

Stephany Glover, a student in the doctoral program in Educational Leadership-Elementary and Secondary Education, received the Mary Jo Lass Award for Educational Leadership, the Dr. Stuart L. Farber Merit Scholarship, and the EDD Social Justice Scholarship. In a speech delivered by Dr. Anna Ortiz on behalf of Stephany, she shared that “I am a South Los Angeles native, a wife and a mother of three young men. As a current student of Cal State Long Beach’s Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, I am extremely honored to have received these generous donations, which will allow me to continue my studies as both a leader in education and a true agent of change. With help from these scholarships, I will now be able to supplement my current financial aid and continue in the program. And, as a result, the promise of educational greatness that I have made to myself, to my professors, to my students and to my fellow school stakeholders, can now be followed through to its full fruition.”

The College of Education celebrated our 2017-18 scholarship recipients and donors at the annual College of Education Scholarship Reception on Friday, October 13th, 2017. The video of the entire event, including the student speakers, can be viewed below. Also, view more photos from the 2017 Scholarships Reception on our Facebook page.

Scholarship support is vital to our students’ success. It allows them to focus on becoming the best teachers, counselors and leaders they can be without the distraction of financial stress. This important impact can only be made through the generosity of our donors. To learn more about contributing to scholarships, or creating your own named scholarship please visit our Development page.