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Catalog Description of the Hospitality Management program: Catalog

Course of Study

To receive a B.S. degree in Hospitality Management, students must complete a minimum of 120 units (includes general education). The program of study provides a broad-based foundation in hospitality management plus work experience and internships. Students have the opportunity to choose advanced courses to enhance their professional knowledge in the area of interest and specialization.

Hospitality Management Courses Offered:

  • Introduction to Hospitality Management 
  • Applied Foodservice Sanitation 
  • Fundamentals of Food Preparation 
  • Orientation to the Hospitality Management Major
  • Hotel & Lodging Management  
  • Global Hospitality Management 
  • Food Production & Service in Hospitality Management
  • Managing Events in the Hospitality Industry 
  • Exploring a Sustainable Food System
  • Hospitality Marketing & Service Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Beverage Management 
  • Exploring a Sustainable Food System 
  • Human Resources in Hospitality Management 
  • What Happens in Vegas…Consumer Behavior and the Casino Gaming Industry
  • Hotel & Restaurant Information Technology 
  • Leadership & Strategic Management in Hospitality
  • Cost Control in Hospitality Management 
  • Legal Issues in Hospitality Management 
  • Professional Integration into Hospitality Management 
  • Hotel & Restaurant Financial Management 
  • Meeting Planning in Hotels & Restaurants 
  • Advanced Hotel Administration
  • Internship in Hospitality Management
  • Directed Studies

All students complete 800 hours of approved work experience plus an internship. 

The minor requires 19 units total.

The following courses are required (4 units):

  • HM 170 Intro to Hospitality Management (3)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • HM 173 Applied Foodservice Sanitation (1)
    Prerequisites: None.

Choose five courses from the following (15 units) :

  • HM 176, 276 or 343, 277, 305, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 378, 471, 472, 473, 475, 476, 447 or 477, 479, and 492J

Prerequisites for Courses in Minor:

Students are responsible to adhere to all prerequisites of courses as designated in the catalog. Courses may double count for major requirements.

The Minor in Hospitality Management is available to any non-Hospitality Management major.

HM Minor Requirements Worksheet

The Event Planning and Management minor provides students with expertise for careers in event planning and management. Curriculum covers skills and knowledge including negotiation, event planning, programming, promotion, budget and legal issues.

Core requirements (18 units):

  • HM 170: Introduction to Hospitality Management (3)
  • HM 374: Meeting Planning in Hotels and Restaurants (3)
  • HM 375: Global Hospitality Management (3)
  • REC 325: Advanced Program and Event Management (3)
  • REC 462: Travel, Tourism, and Resort Recreation Management (3)
  • REC 465: Convention and Conference Planning (3)

Event Planning & Management Minor Requirements Worksheet