Thesis and Dissertation Office

Welcome to the Thesis and Dissertation Office Homepage! 

The Thesis and Dissertation Office helps graduate students prepare their theses and dissertations for online publication and is often the final step before graduation. Once your committee has signed off on the content of your manuscript, the Thesis and Dissertation Office reviews your thesis/dissertation for adherence to the CSULB Format Manual rules and appropriate citation format. The process of submission and revision can take several weeks, so it is important that students follow the rules and guidelines closely. 

The Thesis and Dissertation Office guides students through the processes of submission and revision by offering various online and in-person resources including: 

  • Formatting resources 
  • Citation guides and links 
  • Templates 
  • Workshops 
  • In-person consultations 

We encourage you to look at our resources as you write your thesis/dissertation and prepare to submit it to our office. We look forward to working with you!