MyCED Frequently Asked Questions

Being cleared through your district is not the same as having a Certificate of Clearance issued from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).  Your district clearance means you are only cleared to work in your district.  The state of California requires any student in a professional preparation program for a credential to obtain a CTC issued Certificate of Clearance. 

California Education Code, Title 2, Division 3, Part 25, Chapter 2, Article 7, Section D states, “Prior to admission to either student teaching under any professional preparation program approved by the commission, or participation in a field experience program as described in Section 44324, a candidate for a credential shall obtain a certificate of clearance from the commission which shall be issued when the commission has verified the candidate’s personal identification and health status. The fee for the certificate of clearance shall not exceed one-half of the regular fee for a credential and shall be deducted from the fee for the initial credential applied for by the certificate holder.” See California Legislative Information website.

The College of Education will also accept a CTC issued 30-Day Sub Permit, Child Development Permit, Activity Supervisor Permit, or valid Teaching or PPS credential.

Any of the three documents listed below are acceptable for Certificate of Clearance Verification.

Certificate of Clearance Screenshot from CTC website 1(PDF)

Certificate of Clearance Screenshot from CTC website 2 (PDF)

Certificate of Clearance Certificate (PDF)

To view your Certificate of Clearance from the CTC website:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Search for an Educator
  3. Click on Secured Search, enter your SSN and DOB
  4. Click OK and your personal information should appear
  5. Click Next
  6. Under the Document section, you should see your Certificate of Clearance document
  7. Click on the document number to view/print your Certificate of Clearance

Fieldwork for all Clinical I and II courses is by self-placement with the exception of Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD).

To Self-Place for Fieldwork Outside of LBUSD  

Students need to first check the list of Approved Fieldwork Sites to ensure clinical practice/fieldwork is being conducted in an approved fieldwork site. If a district is on the approved list, that means all the schools within the district are approved.  Charter schools are generally listed by name rather than district.  You may complete clinical practice/fieldwork for a CSULB course in these districts only.

Contact the school you wish to complete your clinical practice/fieldwork at and indicate that you are a CSULB student and would like to complete fieldwork at their school site. Then ask what the proper procedure is to complete the clinical practice/fieldwork at their school site. The school will let you know of any additional steps you need to follow prior to beginning clinical practice/fieldwork.

On the first day of your clinical practice/fieldwork, be sure to take the Introductory Letter that you received when you completed your S4 registration, a copy of your TB Test and Certificate of Clearance (or other CTC clearance document), and a copy of your course syllabi that outlines your fieldwork requirements for each of your courses.

Once you have secured your placement, return to S4 @ The Beach to enter your placement information for each of your clinical practice/fieldwork courses.

To Secure a Clinical Practice/Fieldwork Placement Within LBUSD:

In addition to your Certificate of Clearance and TB Test, LBUSD requires students to complete an additional clearance with their district. 

Directions on how to complete this extra clearance process can be found on the Fieldwork Clearance Process page.  Look for the Heading “Candidates seeking to do fieldwork in Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD)” and follow the directions.

Self-Placements in LBUSD are NOT allowed. Please DO NOT contact any school sites within LBUSD directly to secure your own placement.

Once you are cleared and placed in LBUSD, you will receive an email notification from LBUSD with the details of your placement.

Unfortunately, it cannot be edited once placement information has been submitted.  If you need to change your placement information, please email CED-S4-HELP@LIST.CSULB.EDU  and let them know you need to change your placement information.   OCP will then delete your current information allowing you to go back into S4 to enter your new information.

This form is generally completed when the student enters placement information; however, if the form was not completed when the placement information was entered, follow the steps below to complete the form:

From the home page, click “View my placements” at the bottom of the screen. Next, click on the red “placement” link for each course. Then, click the black “Complete Form” button.

From the S4 home page, click on your email address located in the black bar on the top right-hand side of the page.   


Picture of S4 homepage showing where email address is locate