English Single Subject Program

English Education Coordinator: Professor Kathleen Keirn         Office: MHB-311
Email: kathleen.keirn@csulb.edu


The fall 2022 student teaching application deadline is March 15, 2022. All CSET and CBEST/BSR document  scores must be official in order to submit them with your application. Any student who does not have scores by the deadline will need to petition to submit a late student teaching application due to late scores  AFTER they pass the CSET or CBEST AND  they  will also need to contact Professor Keirn BEFORE submitting the petition. 

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the general information about the Single Subject Credential Program (provided in great detail on the SSCP website) before contacting Professor Keirn.  If you have already applied to the university,  please note that Professor Keirn does not have admission information, nor can she  answer general questions about the admission process. Please contact either Enrollment Services or the Single Subject Credential Program directly for admission information.

CSULB undergraduate English Education majors on financial aid should check with the Financial Aid office to determine if it is appropriate for them to take the pre-requisite EDSS 300G before  they graduate with their B.A. degrees.  For everyone else, EDSS 300G is appropriate to take the first or second semester in the program.