Research @ the Beach

Fall 2022

Each semester, this online publication is produced to recognize faculty and students for their work. Our Fall 2022 issue of Research @ the Beach provides an overview of new awards / proposals / research expenditures for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, highlights ongoing faculty research related to climate change, and recognizes new external grant funding. In this issue:

Explore Laurie Huning’s research on unprecedented extreme climate events (i.e. floods + droughts) and their impacts on the environment; Dede Long’s efforts to improve the economic and environmental outcomes of governmental policies and private incentives; and Hojong Shin’s scholastic look into environmental reputation and bank liquidity under climate change risk.

You can also discover how Bengt Allen is protecting the ocean / coastal wetlands; Kent Hayward is making film production more environmentally sustainable; David Hedden is integrating methods of food sustainability with a design-thinking perspective; and Tom O’Brien is conducting trade and transportation research as the Executive Director of the Center for International Trade and Transportation.

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