Research @ the Beach

Spring 2022

Each semester, this online publication is produced to recognize faculty and students for their work. Our Spring 2022 issue of Research @ the Beach highlights ongoing faculty research, recognizes new external grant funding, and highlights 2022 faculty internal multidisciplinary grant recipients. In this issue:

Discover Bita Ghafoori’s efforts to reduce disparities in mental health treatment in diverse, trauma-exposed populations; Roudi Nazarinia Roy’s and Tiffany L. Brown’s research on fathers of color from underserved communities; Heather Macias’s goal of providing historically marginalized student populations with an education that values, includes, and affirms their lived experiences and cultural background; and Ulices Piña’s research into the long-term impact of the 1910-1920 Mexican revolution. 

You can also learn about Beth Manke’s and Brian Trimble’s development of a new Photovoice project so students have the opportunity to share the impact of COVID-19 visually; Yu Yang’s desire to speed up the transition from oil/gas to clean energy by modeling, controlling and optimizing renewable energy systems; Laurie Huning’s research on global water resource challenges across a broad range of spatial and temporal scales; Yoojin Lee’s work on the effects of tax avoidance on capital structures; and Deepali Bhandari’s mentorship of students Miguel Palma and Nishi Rauth – who had a historical sweep of the CSUPERB Don Eden Graduate and Glen Nagel Undergraduate research awards!

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