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Faculty Professional Development - Summer

Summer 2022 Programs

Canvas Essentials 

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Dates: June 6-July 10 ~or~ July 11-August 14
Application Deadline: May 26

This program will introduce faculty to Canvas, the new campus learning management system and help instructors get started on building their course content. ATS will offer resource materials, training workshops, and the opportunity to work closely with our Instructional Design team to facilitate the transition to Canvas.

Application Instructions

Space is limited in this program. ATS will review and select applicants to ensure representation of faculty from all CSULB colleges. Preference will be given to faculty who are planning to teach with Canvas in the Fall 2022 semester and are new to the Canvas platform.

Submit the application form by Thursday, May 26, 2022, by 5:00 PM PST.

Selected candidates will be notified by the end of May and will be invited to attend a program orientation meeting.


All faculty are welcome to apply.

Program participants who fall under one of the following categories may not qualify for the additional employment (you are still able to participate in the program fully and work closely with the Instructional Design team):

  • Individuals who have completed the Spring 2022 Canvas Essentials Program.
  • College of Professional and Continuing Education (formally known as CPIE) Instructors for Self-Supported (Non-Academic) programs or courses.
  • Academic Advisors, Teaching Assistants, Student Assistants, CSULB Staff, and Students.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for the additional employment, contact your College/Department’s Administrative Services Manager (ASM).


Session 1 Program (June):

  • Application Deadline: May 26
  • Start date: June 6, 2022
  • End date: July 10, 2022
  • Orientation Meeting: June 6, 10am

Session 2 Program (July):

  • Application Deadline: May 26
  • Start date: July 11, 2022
  • End date: August 14, 2022
  • Orientation Meeting: July 11, 10am


  1. Build 2 modules inside your Canvas course.
  2. Meet and complete the requirements found in the “Canvas Essentials Program Checklist.”
  3. Attend 1 workshop provided by ATS or through the Canvas Online Training Portal.
  4. Attend a Canvas Friday Forum open discussion session offered by ATS.
  5. Complete the end-of-program Canvas Evaluation.
  6. Work with our ATS Multimedia Team to create a short testimonial sharing your Canvas experience to help support Canvas adoption and share amongst the CSULB Community.
  7. ATS may reach out to participants regarding newly integrated tools, features, and support resources for feedback, suggestions, and recommendations.
  8. Additional details will be provided during the program orientation and Canvas course.


Is the orientation mandatory for this program? 
It is not mandatory but strongly encouraged to attend.

If I plan to teach with Canvas in Fall 2022, do I have to be enrolled in this program? 
If you are teaching with Canvas in Fall 2022, you are not required to enroll or complete this program.

If I complete this incentive program and I am interested in being part of the Fall 2022 pilot program, am I eligible? 
Yes, if you complete this incentive program, you are eligible to participate in the Fall 2022 pilot program. However, it is not mandatory. The Fall 2022 pilot program is open to the campus

Since there are two sessions available for this program, can I complete both registrations? If both session dates work for your schedule, you are welcome to complete both registrations, however, you will only be able to participate in one session. ATS staff will consider the space available for both sessions to help determine what section you will be enrolled in.

Since space is limited, how will I know if I can participate in this program?
All applicants will receive an email from ATS by June 1 along with information on our program orientation. This includes those who have been accepted and denied due to limited space.

What is the deadline for the Canvas Essentials program requirements?
Deliverables for Session 1 will need to be met by Sunday, July 10 by 11:59PM and deliverables for Session 2 will need to be met by Sunday, August 14 by 11:59 PM. 

For the workshop requirement, are we required to attend a Canvas-related workshop? Or could it be something else such as using MS Teams in teaching? 
For this program, it will need to be a Canvas-related workshop. 

If I need assistance building my course in Canvas who can I contact?
ATS instructional designers will be able to help you build and become familiar with Canvas so that you feel comfortable teaching in Canvas before your course is launched.  Send an email to or to request a consultation with an instructional designer.

What is a sandbox and what is the purpose of using a sandbox for this program? 
A sandbox course is an empty Canvas course that will serve as your space to experiment with Canvas as you work through the Instructor Training. This includes copying course content into Canvas, testing several technologies, and resetting the course back to default. Using a sandbox during this program will allow you to build inside your empty Canvas course and when ready, you can import what you build into your Canvas curriculum course.  

How do I transfer materials from BeachBoard to Canvas?
For BeachBoard course materials not already imported into Canvas, you may export your BeachBoard course content and then import it into Canvas. For import instructions, access the article: How do I import content from Desire 2 Learn (D2L) into Canvas?

If I am familiar with Canvas already, can I import my BeachBoard course into Canvas and not have to build from scratch? 
Importing your BeachBoard course into Canvas is strongly discouraged because ATS is currently in the first stages of course migration. Therefore, if imported prematurely, additional manual adjustments will be needed. Importing BeachBoard content to your Canvas course will be available in Summer 2022. 

After I participate in this program, will I be able to access the content of the Canvas Essentials course after the course has ended? 
Yes, absolutely! Although the course will end it will always be active, therefore you can always access the information at your convenience. 

When will I receive my stipend for this program and if I have any questions who should I contact? 
Stipends will be disbursed in Fall 2022. If you have any questions about your eligibility for the stipend, contact your College/Department’s Administrative Services Manager (ASM). 

Instructional Technology Foundations

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Dates: June 27- July 22
Registration Deadlines: June 26
Estimated Hours to Complete: 20-25
Orientation:  June 27
Deliverables Due:  July 22

This program is ideal for faculty new to CSULB or who have not completed previous ATS professional development programs. We'll cover the basics of using BeachBoard and Zoom and present foundational concepts for course design and student success factors in any modality including, face-to-face, online, or hybrid course formats. We’ll also guide you in selecting appropriate technology tools and present techniques for constructing interactive and engaging learning content. 


Registration Instructions

Please submit the registration form by June 26, 2022.

ITF Registration


There are no prerequisites to participate.

Weekly Schedule


Participants must complete the following requirements to be marked as "Met" for the program:

  1. Complete the Instructional Technology Foundations BeachBoard Course content, including quizzes. 
  2. Complete the Course Alignment Blueprint [PDF]:
    This document ensures that assigned Course Learning Objectives (CLO's) and faculty-designed Module Learning Objectives (MLO's) express a clear connection to course content, learning activities, and assessments as applicable. The purpose is to help identify desired results and determine acceptable evidence of learning as students progress through your course. Successful completion of this document will facilitate appropriately designed learning experiences and instruction.
  3. Build 2-3 weeks of your BeachBoard Course


How is this program different than the previous ATS Online Learning Studio program offered in the past?
The Instructional Technology Foundation program combines both the design and pedagogy delivery to an alternative mode of instruction. In this course, you will be exposed to new content modules and live course enhancement sessions that focus on teaching strategies and pedagogy.

If I completed the Online Learning Studio (OLS) professional development program in the past, could I enroll in this new program instead of moving forward to the Quality Essentials I professional development program?
If you completed the OLS program and would like to participate in this new program, you can be enrolled in this program and audit the Instructional Technology Foundation course.

Is orientation required?
Orientation is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged.

How many modules and quizzes are in this course?
There are a total of 5 modules in this course and there will be a short quiz at the end of each module, starting with the Getting Started module.

When are the deliverables due for this program?
The due date to submit your deliverables is July 17, 2022.

Where do I submit the program deliverables?
You will upload and submit your document files inside BeachBoard using the Dropbox feature on or before the due date.

After I participate in this program, will I be able to access the content of the Instructional Technology Foundation BeachBoard course after the course has ended?
Yes, absolutely! Although the course will end it will always be active, therefore you can always access the information at your convenience.

Who can I contact for assistance with the program?
Please send your email inquiries to

Hyflex Instructional Techniques

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Dates: August 1-14
Registration Deadline: July 31
Estimated Hours to Complete: 8-10

In "HyFlex" and Hybrid instruction, instructors can deliver their classes in traditional classrooms, but students may attend in person, participate synchronously through video conferencing, or watch recordings of the class sessions. CSULB HyFlex classrooms are configured to support video conferencing and lecture recording with a variety of screen-sharing options. Find out more about CSULB HyFlex classrooms.

Registration Instructions

Please register by July 31, 2022.

HyFlex Registration


There are no prerequisites to participate.


August 1-14 

  • July 31: Application Deadline  
  • August 1: Orientation / Start Date  
  • August 14: Program Ends/Deliverables Due


Participants must complete the following requirements to be marked as "met" for the program: 

  1. Complete the HyFllex and Hybrid Instructional Techniques BeachBoard course, including learning activities. You will be enrolled in the course as part of the program.
  2. Watch recordings of the two (2) workshops listed below. For each, you must submit the evaluation form available within the HyFlex course in Canvas for you to get credit for completion. Recordings are posted in the HyFllex BeachBoard course.
    • Using the Tech in a HyFlex Classroom
      In this session, you'll experience a HyFlex presentation from both an instructor and student perspective. We'll demonstrate how to operate the control panel at the Instructor's station including switching and adjusting cameras to display different viewpoints. We'll also show you how to record and save lectures to a USB drive.
    • HyFlex Pedagogical Methods
      Attendees will collaborate with faculty colleagues to implement flexible teaching and learning strategies in their classrooms. Backward design and flexible course design templates will be used, and faculty will develop and share strategies for making student learning activities flexible across multiple modalities, including synchronous and asynchronous online and in-class modes.

Schedule a classroom visit with the ATS Classroom Support team ( for hands-on practice using the technology in the classroom.


How do I know if I qualify for this program?
There are no prerequisites for this program; it is open to all CSULB faculty even if you are not teaching in a “HyFlex” classroom.

How can I get hands-on experience with the technology in a HyFlex classroom?
Contact our Classroom support team at to schedule an appointment.

Where can I find more information on CSULB HyFlex classrooms?
CSULB Hyflex classrooms