Software Depot

The Software Depot supports CSULB faculty, staff, and students by providing access to software licensed by the university. For assistance, contact

Accessing Software

  • Click on the linked titles below for instructions to access the software.
  • If a software title is not linked, visit Single Sign-On (SSO) and select the Software Depot icon.
Software and Access Roles
Software Depot License Staff Faculty Students Campus
Adobe Acrobat Pro       X
Adobe Creative Cloud X X X X
Adobe Creative Cloud for Home Use X X X  
Autodesk Software X X X  
Autodesk Education Community X X X  
Camtasia X X   X
Esri ArcGIS       X
Fusion Pro (JAWS & ZoomText) X X X X
GoReact   X    
Gradescope       X
Kaltura Media Creation  X X X X
Labster Virtual Lab Simulations   X    
Library Electronic Databases X X X  
LinkedIn Learning X X X  
Mathematica (Wolfram) X X X  
Mathematica (Wolfram Alpha Pro) X X X  
Mathematica Online (Wolfram Trial) X X X  
MediaSpace X X X X
Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
(formerly, Microsoft Imagine)
Microsoft Office X X X X
Microsoft Office 365 X X X X
Microsoft Windows       X
Microsoft Visual Studio       X
Minitab Software X X X X
Minitab Express X X X  
NVivo X X X X
PlayPosit Interactive Video   X    
Poll Everywhere X X    
Qualtrics Surveys X X X  
ReadSpeaker Text to Speech X X X  
Respondus & Lockdown Browser  X X    
SAS Software X X X X
SDA - Web-based Survey Documentation
and Analysis
X X X  
Snagit X X   X
SPSS Software X X X X
Symantec Endpoint Protection       X
SSRIC - Social Science Research and
Instructional Center
X X X  
Zoom X X X X