Faculty Pathways

Faculty Pathways to Quality Assurance for Online Courses

What are your course development goals? Beyond improving the online experience for your students, there are additional options to advance your expertise and become more involved with quality assurance at CSULB, including certification as a Quality Matters (QM) Peer Reviewer. View the chart as a PDF.

Visit our Faculty Professional Development website for semester calendars and details of programs offered.


The Quality Matters (QM) program is dedicated to promoting and improving the quality of online education and student learning. It is part of a global organization that provides professional development and resources to support faculty in this goal.

For more information on Quality Matters and Quality Assurance at CSULB in partnership with the Chancellor’s Office, visit our Quality Assurance page.

Although QM courses are excellent for any instructor interested in improving the learning experience for students, only faculty pursuing one of the following pathways would need to complete QM courses:

  • CSULB Faculty Peer Reviewer
  • Quality Matters Facilitator for CSULB
  • Quality Matters Peer Reviewer
  • Master Reviewer

By becoming a CSULB Faculty Peer Reviewer you would partner with ATS to provide peer review support to other CSULB faculty members. To be eligible, you must complete:

 **Note: Contact ATS-InstructionalDesign@csulb.edu before registering for the Higher Ed Peer Reviewer Course (PRC).

CSULB Quality Matters Facilitators can teach official Quality Matters courses designated specifically for CSULB. Additionally, you may be invited to facilitate Quality Matters courses offered through the Chancellor’s Office. You would potentially earn a stipend for teaching these courses.

By taking the extra steps to become a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, you will be added to their database and may be requested to serve on official course reviews for other organizations.

For additional information, visit the QM Higher Ed Peer Reviewer Course site and read the “Become a Certified QM Peer Reviewer” section on the lower right of the page.

  • As a CSULB Faculty Peer Reviewer, you will have the opportunity to support other CSULB faculty in partnership with ATS. The goal is to create a community of faculty who can support each other with their quality assurance goals which will ultimately benefit faculty and students in the long term.  
  • As a QM Peer Reviewer, in addition to the above, you will be added to the Quality Matters Database of Reviewers. This means that you may be selected to serve on official QM-managed courses for other organizations and will also be compensated. 

Becoming a Quality Matters Master Reviewer allows you to serve as a Team Chair on official QM-managed and Subscriber-managed course reviews.  Since the Chancellor’s Office conducts Subscriber-managed official reviews, you may be selected to be a Team Chair for another CSU campus and their official reviews.