Gerald M. Kline Innovation Space

The Innovation Space (ISPACE) at the University Library is an interdisciplinary facility that serves the entire campus community.

The ISPACE features advanced machines and technology that unify and expand access to students that help prepare them for future endeavors including 3D Printing and laser cutting, Digital Scanners, Virtual Reality Systems, 360° TheatreXR Lab , and Podcasting Studio.

Academic Partnerships

The ISPACE @ the University Library promotes intellectual achievement across all disciplines by collaborating with faculty and implementing various technologies into their curriculum.

By partnering with departments in academic research to support STEM and STEAM programs on campus and engaging students with hands-on experiences, ISPACE aims to provide services that accelerate innovation and enhance our student's learning experience and employability.

View this recording from our workshop, Leveraging the ISPACE for Teaching and Learning to learn more about how you can utilize this resource: