Gerald M. Kline Innovation Space

The University Library’s Innovation Space (I-Space), located on the lower level, is an interdisciplinary design facility. With 3D printers, laser cutters, digital scanners, immersive shared spaces, virtual reality tracking, motion capture, video recording, podcast recording, and specialized software, the I-Space features advanced machines and technology that unify and expand upon the related labs currently located in various departments across campus.

Technologies available in I-Space, including 3D Printing (which builds physical objects from digital files), a 360 Theatre (virtual reality environment), a Powerwall (virtual reality and motion capture) and Media Studio (for video and podcast recording) – are not just tools for designers and engineers; they can be implemented by non-STEM majors across the curriculum to help foster the growing interest in STEAM. All academic disciplines will benefit from using the I-Space to access high-end tools that are currently integrated into many fast-paced industries and being successfully adopted by entrepreneurs and leading professionals to rapidly develop innovative ideas. The I-Space further distinguishes CSULB as an innovation leader by providing a non-biased platform for collaborations across campus and with the professional sector.

The goal of the I-Space is to provide services that accelerate innovation and enhance our students’ learning experience and employability. The I-Space is here to help CSULB students and faculty make the most of their projects and to increase their project's efficiency and affordability. In addition to the available equipment, the I-Space staff are here to assist faculty in implementing the various technologies in their curriculum and research.