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Linda Martinez

Linda Martinez has an extensive background in both the academic world and in the business world. In academia, she was the director of a multimillion-dollar Department of Education grant for the leadership department at the University of Houston. She developed and launched online statistics courses for Texas A & M University and California State University, Long Beach. At CSULB, Dr. Martinez served as the coordinator of both the Master of Emergency Services Administration program and the bachelor’s program in occupational studies. Currently, Dr. Martinez is the coordinator of the Health Care Administration Marketing classes. Additionally, Dr. Martinez is the editor of the refereed Workforce Education Forum credential journal. Dr. Martinez spent ten years as a vice-president of ARC, a large engineering company, supervising employee issues and courtroom presentation preparations. She has developed websites and presented papers throughout the world on internet research, stress management, and career choices.


Dr. Martinez has a BS in Education and Math and an MS in Educational Psychology; she also holds a school counseling credential and a mid-management. She obtained her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in Educational Psychology, minoring in human resources, in administrative leadership, and in statistics.


  • HCA 353 Marketing for Health Services Organizations
  • HCA 417 Technology, Ethics, and Society
  • HCA 530 Strategic Planning Marketing in Healthcare


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