Jobs & Events

Students and Alumni

Students can find information about jobs (including paid internships and fellowships) and local events of interest to health care administration on BeachBoard. (Look for HCA Students under "Organizations"; then, click on "Content" for jobs and events.) Also, the Health Care Administration (HCA) Department Office (HHS2-118) is a source of information about jobs and events.

Alumni are on an email mailing list. This allows the HCA department to send out information on job opportunities, and upcoming events, including alumni meetings to all alums. Students are automatically added to this list once they graduate.


If your company has jobs or internship (paid or unpaid) opportunities suitable for Health Care Administration students or alumni, please let us know! We'll be happy to post an announcement on BeachBoard under the "HCA Students" organization to help you personally recruit candidates. Contact the Department of HCA at (562) 985-5694 or