HCASF & UPD Board Members


Name: Sammi Schoner​

Position: HCASF President​

Major: Healthcare Administration ​

Minors: International Business/ Human  ​

Professional Career Goals: My goal while working in the healthcare field is help with unconscious bias/health disparities among people of color. ​

Fun Facts: I have two kids a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. I love to read sci-fi books. I currently serve on the ASI student government as a board of trustees. I collect squishmallows and have over 70. My golden retriever is named Weston and he is my service dog.


Name: Kimberly Gonzales​

Position: HCASF/UPD Vice President​

Major: Healthcare Administration, Minor in Human Resources ​

Professional Career Goals: I plan on pursuing my MHA and having a career in the Human Resources realm of Healthcare or Patient Experience. ​

Fun Facts: My favorite activities are reading, baking, and having picnics at the park! I am also obsessed with jewelry. 


Name: Valerie Mendoza​

Position: HCASF Secretary​

Major: Healthcare Administration with a minor in Health Science​

Professional Career Goals: Working within quality improvement or public health and ultimately obtaining an MPH or MHA.​

Fun Facts: I am obsessed with anything cheetah/leopard print!


Name: Tracy Trinh​

Position: HCASF/UPD Treasurer​

Major: Healthcare Administration​

Professional Career Goals: One of my educational goals is to obtain my Master's degree in Healthcare Administration. My dream job is to work & oversee a medical & diagnostic lab in the future.​

Fun Facts: My current obsessions is piercings. I have 11 total and planning to get more on my ears & nose. In my free time I like to play volleyball and I also play intramural here at CSULB! 


Name: Anya Avendano​

Position: HCASF/UPD Public Relations​

Major: Healthcare Administration​

Minor: Linguistics​

Professional Career Goals: I am planning on pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology and a PhD in Neurolinguistics with the aim of becoming a professor!​

Fun Facts: I love road trips and will spontaneously drive long distances.


Name: Oluwaseun Oriretan​

Position: HCASF Student Liaison​

Major: Healthcare Administration​

Professional Career Goals: I am planning on getting my MHA and currently trying to get my project management certificate. ​

Fun Facts: I used to be obsessed with becoming a pro athlete.


Name: Erick De La Torre​

Position: UPD President​

Major: Healthcare Administration, Minor in Information Systems​

Professional Career Goals: I am interested in obtaining a Master's Degree in Health Informatics to be on the technological side of healthcare. I am also considering joining the Navy Medical Service Corps as a Health Care Administrator Officer to finance my Master's Degree.​

Fun Facts: I have 15 plants and 9 tattoos. 


Name: Thi Nguyet Minh Ngo​

Position: UPD Secretary​

Major: Healthcare Administration​

Professional Career Goals: I am planning to join the healthcare workforce as a Compliance Officer. I am also considering pursuing my Master's Degree in Public Policy or Health Law.​

Fun Facts: I love soccer! I watch EPL matches weekly and play FIFA on my PS5


Name: Ayah Said​

Position: UPD Membership Coordinator​

Major: Healthcare Administration with a  minor in Information Systems ​

Professional Career Goals: Interested in exploring the intersection of health and social justice, health disparities, and health technology. I plan on pursuing my MPH/MBA in the near future.​

Fun Facts: Enjoy reading and running.