M.S. in Kinesiology, Option in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Option area is being discontinued starting Fall of the 2023-2024 academic year. Applications are no longer being accepted for this program. If you have questions or comments regarding this change, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Em Williams (emyr.williams@csulb.edu).

Nutrition is a potent modulator of the acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise and training. The Master’s Program in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition allows students to study the interaction between nutrition and the physiology of exercise. Graduates will understand how to meet the nutritional needs of exercise, training, and conditioning to enhance human health, function, and performance as well as the underlying mechanisms at the molecular level to the whole body. The Physiology of Exercise and Sport (PEXS) Laboratory is operated by active researchers in the field and is equipped for gene and biochemical analysis as well as whole-body metabolics and athletic performance. From athletic performance to community nutrition, this degree prepares students to work with a wide variety of populations in a number of different settings using research-based curriculum, practical experiences, and original research. The Master’s Program in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition also equips students for advanced graduate work including doctoral degrees and clinical and medical training.