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Camp Nugget

Welcome to Camp Nugget

Dr. Melissa Bittner
A Message About Fall 2020
Dr. Melissa Bittner 
Assistant Professor
Adapted Physical Education 
Department of Kinesiology


We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Due to COVID-19, Camp Nugget will be virtual for summer 2021, taking place June 21st through July 15th. Two versions of Camp Nugget will be offered.

The first will be a free virtual experience taught by students in the CSULB Intro to APE class (KIN 320). Students will teach a variety of activities for campers, shown through Facebook live. These will not include live feedback and personal instruction from the teachers. This version will be similar to last year’s virtual camp experience. Here is a link to more examples of the free Camp Nugget: CSULB Virtual APE App

The second online version of the camp will be a paid experience including private sessions taught by CSULB students who have either finished student teaching or who are currently in the APE program. The theme for our private camp will be “Around the World” and include a sequential progression of units and a variety of skills. Sessions will run Monday through Thursday at 10:00am for 45 minutes per session. This paid version of camp will cost $125 per student. With this payment, you will receive an equipment bundle, private small group instruction with live feedback from the teachers, and archived videos that you will have access to in the future. Registration for this paid version starts March 1st.

Link for Registration

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Camp Nugget provides small group instruction by university students enrolled in the KIN Department who are studying to receive an Adapted Physical Education Teaching Credential under the supervision of Dr. Melissa Bittner, CSULB Professor. Camp activities include perceptual-motor and fundamental motor skills, health-related physical fitness, dance, lead-up cooperative games, and adapted sports. The 4-week program begins usually the last Monday in June and continues throughout the first three weeks of July. Camp Nugget is designed for children with special needs and disabilities ages 5 - 12 years. 

Children participating in the paid version of Camp Nugget 2021, which will be recorded and archived for future access to activities, will need to have a photo/video release form submitted.

“Zooming” Around the World – paid virtual Camp Nugget Unit Plan






1 Perceptual Motor

Body Parts & Body Awareness

Personal & General Space

Directions & Pathways

Review & Game

2 Ball Skills

Underhand Roll/Bowling

Underhand Toss & Overhand Throw



3 Nontraditional Sports

Bocce Ball


Mini Golf

Karate & Self Defense

4 Dance/ Rhythm

Cardio Drumming & Rhythm

Creative Movement & Structured Routine

Cultural Dances

Party Dances/Line Dances

Online Camp Nugget "Zoom Around the World" Flyer (PDF)

Thank you to Camp Nugget Donors

Camp Nugget would like to take this opportunity to thank the local community partners and sponsors for their support of the program. We appreciate the generous contributions from Employees Community Fun of Boeing, Munzer Foundation, and Native Daughters of the Golden West.