M.S. in Exercise Science

The Master’s Program in Exercise Science provides an expansive study of the physiology, biomechanics, and motor control of exercise and physical activity. Students can study the mechanics, responses, and adaptations to training that relate to promoting health, preventing disease, and enhancing performance. Graduates will understand how exercise and conditioning optimize human function and capacity through current research-based curriculum, practical experiences, and original research. Fully equipped laboratories include the Physiology of Exercise and Sport (PEXS) Lab and the Movement Science Lab (MSL), both of which specialize in a wide range of tasks. The Masters in Exercise Science prepares graduates for competitive fields in exercise & fitness, strength & conditioning, health & wellness, and clinical settings. This program also equips students for advanced graduate work including doctoral degrees and clinical/medical training.

For questions about the Exercise Science program, please email Dr. Scott Ducharme.