Community Engagement

The Center for Successful Aging is a proud co-sponsor of the Long Beach Aging Services Collaborative (LBASC). The LBASC is a network of service providers that connect with community organizations and advocacy groups to work toward a more integrated aging service model. Please visit the collaborative website or email for more information. 


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Presentation at the LBASC meeting



The Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health and Aging (LAACHA) is a strategic alliance that brings together community leaders and organizations representing health care, older adults, persons with disabilities, academia, and public agencies to explore and identify opportunities to leverage resources, and expand access to effective, science-informed and evidence-based practices to address health equity and advance population health. Our center's director, Dr. Iveris L Martinez is a member and technical advisor to the innovation committee. The center co-sponsored a two part innovation summit centered on bridging the digital divide for seniors in the age of covid and beyond. 

The Long Beach Social Connectivity Collaborative (LBSCC) was formed from the Center for Successful Aging’s efforts at Lutheran Towers to address the social isolation of low-income seniors by introducing Uniper care; a scalable Social Determinants of Health model with a person-centric approach that provides a virtual program and intervention that promotes preventive care and a healthier lifestyle among older adults of all risk levels.  LBSCC designed, developed, and pilot tested a model for the delivery of tech-supported social connectivity strategies among diverse older adults living in low-income housing or living alone. 


As part of these efforts, Center for Successful Aging interns and staff have been creating informational videos customized for Long Beach Seniors.  These videos have been published in both English and Spanish and are available at both through Uniper Care and the Center for Successful Aging’s YouTube Channel ( 


We are proud to partner with Cuido60.  Cuido 60 is a project on aging, care, and human rights in Cuba.  Its goals are to improve living conditions for older adults in Cuba and beyond through data gathering and capacity-building.  Cuido60 seeks to elevate the voices of older adults in Cuba, to educate community members addressing the unmet needs of older adults through education on principles of gerontology and aging issues, and to advocate for the rights of older adults in Cuba and throughout Latin America. It accomplishes these goals through an extensive collaborative network, which includes the CSULB Center for Successful Aging. 

Estamos orgullosos de asociarnos con Cuido60. Cuido60 es un proyecto sobre envejecimiento, cuidados y derechos humanos en Cuba. Sus objetivos son mejorar las condiciones de vida de los adultos mayores en Cuba,  mediante la recopilación de datos, el monitoreo de políticas y el desarrollo de capacidades de la sociedad civil en estos temas. Cuido60 busca elevar las voces de los adultos mayores y los cuidadores en Cuba, educar a los miembros de la comunidad que abordan las necesidades insatisfechas de los adultos mayores a través de la educación en gerontología, cuidados y cuestiones de envejecimiento, y defender los derechos de los adultos mayores en Cuba y en América Latina. Para lograr estos objetivost trabaja con una extensa red de colaboración, que incluye el Centro CSULB para el Envejecimiento Exitoso.

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