Recent Alumni

Alumni Spotlight: Samuel Ward

The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) announced the election of CSULB Department of Physical Therapy Alumni, Samuel R. Ward, PT, Ph.D., to its College of Fellows.

MSHCA Alum on a Mission to Create Simplified Healthcare Solutions

For CSULB alum Alex Yarijanian, a 2017 graduate of the Master of Science in Health Care Administration (MSHCA) program, healthcare represents a higher calling.

Following Footsteps

Cost. Value. Location. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right graduate school program. For Bryan Rivera, it was easy: he just followed his family members into CSULB’s Master of Science in Health Care Administration (MSHCA) program.

Glenda Smith Credits MSHCA Program and Hard Work in Her Promotion

It was Glenda Smith’s employer who encouraged and ultimately persuaded her to pursue a Master of Science in Health Care Administration (MSHCA) degree. While Glenda had always wanted to obtain a Master’s degree, the time she dedicated to work, family, and life obligations seemed to suspend her dreams of graduate school indefinitely. 

Student Spotlight: Jonathan Pilzon and Rynold Jackson

What do Jonathan Pilzon and Rynold Jackson have in common? Besides graduating from the Masters in Public Administration program at CSULB, they both have gone on to have successful careers in the public sector, eventually landing positions with the Department of Homeland Security. They recently shared how their experience in the MPA program shaped their own…

MSHCA Graduates Keep Up with Rapid Changes in Healthcare

The U.S. healthcare industry is in a constant and rapid state of flux—from laws and regulations like the Affordable Care Act, to continuous improvements in technology and coverage plans. It can be challenging to keep up with these changes, even for experienced professionals.

Alumna Spotlight: Bindia Nankani

CSULB prides itself on being a best value school in the nation. This was one of the many reasons Bindia chose to complete the MSHCA program at the university. She knew she would not only be learning through valuable field experiences and networking with faculty within the Health Care Administration, she would also be building a strong foundation for a…

Alumna Spotlight: Desa Yadegarians

Meet Desa Yadegarians, a former graduate of the Health Science with a focus in Community Health program at CSULB. Since completing her degree, she has gone on to do extensive research and professional growth in the local public health sector of Long Beach.

Alumna Spotlight: Janet Padilla

Janet Padilla, who came back for her Masters in Public Health after graduating from the Health Science program with a focus in Community Health, says she owes a significant amount of her motivation to the success stories that keep her hopeful about her field of study. "There are patients who have changed their lifestyle and cry to us and thank us for saving…

Alumna Spotlight: Jazmine Martinez

Meet Jazmine Martinez, a recent graduate of CSULB who has completed three degrees in her academic tenure at the university. Like many students in the College of Health and Human Services, one of her core motivating forces during her time at the beach was the desire to help underserved communities and help facilitate the widespread knowledge on the…

Alumna Spotlight: JoAnn Tran

When the COVID-19 outbreak hit the nation, many professionals in the medical field were faced with a challenging shift in their day-to-day duties. JoAnn Tran, graduate of both the Human Development and Health Care Administration programs at CSULB, was no exception to this phenomenon. As a Site Supervisor for Optometry and Vision Essentials by Kaiser…

Alumni Spotlight: Michael You

For Michael You, the aspects of his career that are rewarding and challenging are one and the same: it is about finding passion in helping others achieve their goals. "Life is cyclical," he said. "Being consistent with the people that you are serving specifically, in the areas of listening (being present and understanding), communication (timing and use of…