Dr. Amin Rezaei joined the CSULB Department of Computer Engineering & Computer Science as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2020. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University. He also holds master's degrees in Computer Science from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Computer Engineering from Shahid Beheshti University.

Dr. Rezaei has a dozen years of experience in computer science and engineering research, with a focus on hardware security and computer architecture. He helps the high-tech industry thrive and contribute to economic prosperity and innovation. He has also published multiple peer-reviewed scientific articles at the flagship venues such as DAC, ICCAD, DATE, and ASP-DAC. He has served on the technical program committees of many major conferences in his area, including IPDPS, ICCAD, ASP-DAC, ICCD, GLSVLSI, AsianHOST, and PAINE. In 2021, Dr. Rezaei and his colleagues at the College of Engineering were awarded a $300,000 National Science Foundation grant for securing chaotic communication in wearable devices. He is the recipient of an Academic Excellence Award from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Walter P. Murphy Fellowship and Royal E. Cabell Fellowship awards from Northwestern University.