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The CSULB College of Engineering's mission is to develop innovators who design and implement practical solutions to meet the societal challenges of today and tomorrow. The articles below highlight the accomplishments of students and faculty and new developments within COE. Have a news item to share? Email Connect with COE on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for more news.

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Mechatronics is one of the fast-growing engineering fields. Yet programs to develop the next generation of mechatronics engineers remain in their infancy. A two-day workshop the CSULB College of Engineering held on Sept. 17-18, in partnership with Wayne State University, brought together industry members and high school, community college, and university educators to share experiences and set the foundation for developing mechatronics curriculum and workplace programs.
person checking smartwatch
Wearable computer applications are exploding, from fitness trackers and smartwatches to home automation and healthcare monitoring. This expansion into data-sensitive areas, however, has made it even more critical that the billions of devices encompassing the Internet of Things are secure.
Bill Ballew
Bill Ballew, third from left, at DreamWorks TechCon 2020 with colleagues.When Cal State Long Beach computer science graduate Bill Ballew went to work for a startup, he saw an opportunity to connect two of his passions—computers and animation.
Aerospace Corporation logo
Each year, about 30 Cal State Long Beach engineering students are invited to partake in a program intended to help hone their leadership skills. Now, thanks to support from The Aerospace Corporation, participants will also receive scholarships to help them with their studies. The Aerospace Corporation Dean’s Leadership Academy, established by the College of Engineering (COE) four years ago as the Dean’s Leadership Institute, features special presentations from industry and community executives...
Lunabotics rover
In its third endeavor in the NASA Lunabotics Competition, CSULB’s Lunabotics Team ranked first in the state and 13th nationwide among 52 teams. The competition aims to train university students for NASA systems engineering by designing, building and operating a lunar excavator prototype.
Long Beach Rocketry's 2020-21 Rocket
CSULB’s Long Beach Rocketry team took two top honors in this year’s NASA Student Launch Competition, beating out competitors from schools and universities across the country in the Project Review and Best-Looking Rocket categories.