CECS Steps to Switching Majors

Undergraduate students interested in switching to Computer Science or Computer Engineering must:

  • Be admitted to CSULB as a first-time first year student
  • Have a 2.5 minimum overall GPA
  • Be able to be meet declaration requirements before finishing 60 units of course
    • The requirements are a grade of C or better in:
      • Math 122, Math 123, CECS 174, and either PHYS 151 or CHEM 111A
  • Be able to complete all requirements in the major within 144 units (Timely Graduation Policy)
  • Show to be successful in the major:
    • Undeclared or Pre-major students must have a grade of C or better in both CECS 174 and Math 122 before being able to switch to Pre-Computer Science
    • Please note, transfer students in a different major are not able to switch to CECS due to transfer application process.

If you meet these qualifications, please Contact Computer Science Advisor Melisa Velazquez