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Documents and Forms


Program-specific Documents

SCAE Academic Policies (PDF)

SCAE Student Handbook (PDF)

SCAE Thesis and Project Guidelines (PDF)

For all other general forms (i.e. petition for course equivalency, comprehensive exam forms, etc.), please visit the Current Students tab on the Graduate Studies Office website for a list of forms. 

Advancement to Candidacy Course Planner 

Advancement to Candidacy typically occurs for SCAE students at the end of the first year in the program (spring semester). You will receive group advising in the first semester of the program during the SCAE 550 course. In the second semester of the program during SCAE 551 you will complete the course planner worksheet  and submit it to your advisor. Be sure that the file name uses the naming convention of First Name Last Name (for example, Jan Lewis). Your advisor will review your plan of study and consult with the College of Education Graduate Studies Office on your eligibility for advancement. The Graduate Studies Office will in turn process the advancement and notify Enrollment Services of your eligibility to Advance to Candidacy for the master’s degree.  

Please review all guidelines for Advancement to Candidacy here.  


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