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For general advising, subject matter, student teaching applications, and petitions  

Dr. Josh Chesler

General Advising Spring 2019

Thursdays 4:15pm - 5:00pm & 8:30-9:30pm
& By Appointment

The Single Subject Math Program invites all current and prospective students to seek program-specific advising. The advisor assists students in program planning for both education coursework and subject matter competency.  The advisor also helps undergraduate majors plan their path through the major and subject matter competency.  CSULB undergraduates should seek early and ongoing advising to ensure their coursework will count for subject matter competency.  Incoming credential students should meet with the advisor to discuss pathways to subject matter competency; students receive mandatory advising during EDSS 300M.  All students should bring transcripts or MYCSULB printouts to advising meetings. 

Additionally, prospective students are invited to attend general informational meetings scheduled by the Single Subject Program throughout the year.

Student Teaching Advisement

Students applying to student teach must familiarize themselves with the student teaching application process and requirements available at the Single Subject Program website.