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Math Subject Matter Competency

In addition to the sequence of education courses, students wishing to become secondary teachers in Math must prove subject matter competence via state-administered test (CSET) OR subject matter waiver program.  The SSCP encourages students to pursue the subject matter waiver program and to seek advising to see how best to count past coursework toward the waiver and to enroll in future courses that count toward the waiver.  Students pursuing the subject matter waiver have until the beginning of student teaching to complete required SMP coursework. Students taking the CSET to prove subject matter competency must have passing scores for all subtests in hand when submitting the student teaching application.

Subject matter competence for the Single Subject Teaching Credential may be demonstrated by completion of the Option in Mathematics Education with (1) a 2.75 GPA or higher in required MATH, MTED, and STAT courses, and (2) no grade lower than a C in those courses.

Required MATH, MTED, and STAT courses (51 units total)

MATH 122

Calculus I (4)

MATH 123

Calculus II (4)

MATH 224

Calculus III (4)

MATH 233

Fundamental Concepts for Adv Math (3)

MATH 247

Introduction to Linear Algebra (3)

MATH 310

History of Early Mathematics (3)

MATH 341

Number Theory (3)

MATH 355

College Geometry (3)

MATH 361A, or

Introduction to Mathematical Analysis I (3) or
Ordinary Differential Equations I (3)


Ordinary Differential Equations I (3)

MATH 380

Probability and Statistics (3)

MTED 371

Math Modeling for Teachers(3)

MATH 444

Introduction to Abstract Algebra (3)

MTED 301

Computer Applications in Mathematics for Teachers (3)

MTED 411

Topics and Issues in Secondary School Mathematics (3)

STAT 381

Mathematical Statistics (3)