Physical Education Credential Program

A physical education credential enables you to teach elementary, middle school and high school physical education (K-12). The credential has two major parts - content and pedagogy (or physical education & teaching).

In order to demonstrate subject matter competency you must complete prescribed courses in your field. You can typically do this by completing a degree with an emphasis in Physical Education from an approved and accredited California institution of higher education.

Alternatively if you have a degree in a related area of Kinesiology (Exercise Science, Fitness, etc.,) you can have your transcripts reviewed to determine which courses you would need to take to meet the subject matter competency (typically these are pedagogy/education related courses). In lieu of taking additional coursework, kinesiology majors without a specific physical education approved degree typically take the CSET to meet their subject matter competency.

For candidates with non Kinesiology based degrees,  you can take and pass all parts of the CSET Physical Education examination in order to meet the subject matter requirements although passing all parts of the CSET is not required to enter the credential program. However you must pass all parts of the CSET - Physical Education (single subject) in order to apply for student teaching (typically by the start of the 2nd semester of the credential program).  

Note:  Currently, the CSET Physical Education examination is ONLY offered in during these testing windows

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Jul. 31–Aug. 27, 2023
Nov. 20–Dec. 17, 2023
Jan. 15–Feb. 11, 2024
Mar. 11–Apr. 7, 2024
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Consequently, passing scores for CSET examinations must be in hand by October 1st (for Spring student teaching) and March 15th (for Fall student teaching).  

TEST Posting Dates  - Go to CSET web site to get specific information on the test dates.   (FYI:  The Physical Education CSET is only offered in testing windows 4 times / year).  


California schools often teach a variety of activities so the credential requires you to demonstrate breadth and depth in the content area. As you look at the list of required courses, you will see that you are required to complete lower division activity courses and upper division content courses. For the CSET examination, the content assessed basically replicates the coursework content of a typically Physical Education Teacher Education undergraduate program. Here's a link to the CSET Physical Education Web Site.

The professional education courses will help you learn how to teach. In these courses you will learn about methodology and classroom management in the physical education setting. You will also learn about today's schools and how you can most effectively impact the diversity of students you will find there.

See the bulletin board outside HHS2 - rooms 207, 214, 218  for further information about the program, job opportunities, upcoming events and deadlines OR visit our website at /colleges/chhs/departments/kin