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Frequently Asked Questions - CalTPA

What is the Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA)?

The Teaching Performance Assessment is a state-mandated assessment required for all candidates for a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential. The TPA is similar to other state-required assessments, such as CBEST, CSET and RICA.  The TPA is designed to assess candidate performance on the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs).   Successful passage of the TPA is required for all credential candidates who enter teaching after July 1, 2008.


What is the Teaching Performance Assessment at CSU Long Beach?

CSU Long Beach uses the state-developed CalTPA version of the Teaching Performance Assessment.  The new CalTPA 2.0 (beginning Fall 2018) has two Cycles.


How do I learn about the CalTPA at CSU Long Beach?

Candidates should review the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)/ Pearson website for CalTPA 2.0 general information and specific information about each Cycle.  CalTPA 2.0 has two cycles both of which are complete during student teaching.


How and when do I submit CalTPA 2.0 at CSULB?

CalTPA 2.0 Cycles 1 & 2 are completed during the student teaching semester. Information on the submission windows can be found at under CalTPA 2.0.

Why do I have to take and pass the TPA?

The Teacher Performance Assessment was put in place as part of SB 2042.  As of July 1, 2008, it is state law that all candidates admitted to a Multiple or Single Subject Credential Program must pass the Teacher Performance Assessment to receive a credential.

Where can I find the administrative permission slip?

The New CalTPA 2.0 video permission slips (parent and administrative) can be found on the College of Education CalTPA Resources website.  

If I am completing CalTPA 1.0, when will I be able to see my Task on TaskStream and be able to start working on it?

The Assessment Office will only enroll candidates who have an active account with TaskStream and have entered their CSULB ID in the “My Account” area of TaskStream within 3-5 business days of registering for the CCPE CalTPA 1.0 Submission Course.  The submission window varies each for each course.  Check the CalTPA 1.0 Submission Courses for the dates of the submission window.  The day the submission window opens is the date candidates will be able to begin submitting their Task on Taskstream.


Are the signature assignments and the CalTPAs the same thing?

No, while sometimes similar, they are different assessments.  The CalTPA’s are state mandated assessments that candidates for multiple and single subject credentials must pass in order to receive a credential.  The signature assignments are assessments that assess the student learning outcomes in individual courses.


Where do I go for help?

CalTPA 2.0 assistance will be provided through the Cracking the CalTPA 2.0 Workshops beginning Fall 2018.  Assistance with CalTPA 1.0 will only be provided through the CCPE CalTPA 1.0 Submission Courses

Can I appeal my score?

No, the score is final.


I didn't pass a CalTPA 1.0 Task. What do I do now?

You will need to enroll in a Task Specific CalTPA Submission Course through the College of Continuing and Professional Education.  Check the College of Education CalTPA Resubmission website for information on when the next course is offered and how to register.


(Task 3). Do I need permission slips for Task 3?

No. However, you must remove all identifying information (first name, last name, ID#’s, etc.) from the student work samples.


(Task 4). Where can I find the administrative permission slip?

The CalTPA Task 4 video permission slips (parent and administrative) can be found on the College of Education CalTPA Resources website.


(Task 4). Do I need to upload all the video permission slips for Task 4?

Yes. Scanners are available for use in the Teacher Resource Center (ED1-33) or the Horn Center.  Scan all permission slips into one PDF document and then upload that document to TaskStream.


(Task 4). Once all the video permission slips are uploaded to TaskStream, do I need to submit them to someone or do I need to save them?

You should hold onto the permission slips, but you do not submit them to anyone else.


(Task 4). What happens if my video is not uploaded?

If you submit Task 4 without a video you will receive a score of 0 and be required to register for the Task 4 Resubmission Course to resubmit (there is an additional cost for this course).


How do I check out a video camera?

Cameras can be checked out from the Teacher Preparation Advising Center in EED-67. Call 562-985-1105 to reserve a camers the day before you plan to pick it up. Candidates will need to provide their own mini SD Card and AA batteries for the camera.


What are mini SD cards?

A mini SD card is a digital memory card.  You will record your video to your own mini SD card so that others may use the video camera.  These can be purchased at the bookstore, any office supply store or other stores such as Target, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.

Why do I need a mini SD card and card reader?

There is a limited supply of video cameras to be shared among all student teachers.  We encourage candidates to purchase their own mini SD card so they can record their lesson, remove the mini SD card from the camera, return the camera, and keep the video on their mini SD card. Candidates can then bring their mini SD card to a Video/Compression Workshop to upload their video to TaskStream under the guidance of an experienced assistant.


How do I register for the CalTPA 1.0 Submission Course?

Registration for the CalTPA Resubmission Courses is done through the College of Continuing and Professional Education.  Information on the Resubmission Course and how to register is available.


If I don't pass CalTPA 1.0, can I just go back in to TaskStream and fix my old Task?

You are able to view your old Task in Taskstream however, you will be enrolled in a new CalTPA 1.0 Submission course and a new Task on Taskstream and will need to copy and paste any work from your old Task into the new program on Taskstream to submit.  This may only be done if your TaskStream account is current.

Can I re-use the same video for CalTPA 1.0 Task 4 in the Resubmission Course?

Yes, you may use the same video clip in your resubmission.Contact TaskStream's Mentoring Services at (800) 311-5656 for instructions on how to accomplish this.


How are CalTPA 1.0 Tasks scored?

Tasks are blind-scored on a state-developed 4-point rubric by Assessors who are trained and calibrated in a state-designed calibration workshop. Tasks that do not receive a passing score initially are blind-scored by a second, and sometimes third, trained assessor to ensure that the final score is fair and accurate.


Who scores the CalTPA 1.0?

The CalTPA’s are blindly scores by state trained and calibrated assessors. Most are faculty members here at CSULB.


When do my CalTPA 1.0 scores come out?

The scoring process takes several weeks.  Check the CalTPA submission calendar on the College of Education CalTPA website for dates when scores will be released on Taskstream .


Do all CalTPA 1.0 Tasks get second and third scored?

All tasks that get a non-passing score of 2 automatically get scored a second time.  We also double score 15% of all tasks submitted as a reliability and validity check.  Scores of 1 will not get scored a second time. 


What kind of feedback will I receive for a failing CalTPA 1.0 Task?

By state law, Assessors cannot write comments on Tasks. 


Why did I receive a passing score on an earlier CalTPA 1.0 Task, but not on the most recent CalTPA 1.0 Task?

The 4 CalTPA 1.0 Tasks similar in some ways but different because they assess different skills.  Candidates need to thoroughly read and respond to each prompt.