Innovation Space Produces Cutting-Edge Technology Across the Beach

The University Library’s Gerald M. Kline Innovation Space, known as the ISPACE for short, is an interdisciplinary facility that serves our entire campus community. From podcast gadgetry to virtual reality (VR) systems, the space features advanced technology, equipment, and machinery that elevates CSULB’s quality of education. 

For low, affordable costs, students can utilize 3D printing and laser cutting services for a variety of hands-on projects. Projects may range from the creation of functional prototypes to the cutting and engraving of visually realistic objects. An infusion of both science and art, these services represent CSULB’s values to enrich student work through creativity and innovation. The ISPACE also speaks to our campus’ reimagination of a future-ready institution that provides state-of-the-art equipment to bolster student learning and employability.  

On the visual spectrum, the ISPACE offers a myriad of immersive technology like the 360° Theater and XR Lab. The 360° Theater breaks barriers as it combats challenges with VR enhancement – a challenge indicated by the National Academy of Engineering. The XR Lab, on the other hand, merges virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality experiences to find creative solutions for teaching and learning. The benefits of these unique technologies include cultivating experiences, visualizations, and simulations. These three pillars provide a pragmatic approach for hands-on instruction, especially for future professionals in STEM fields. 

Visual immersion is not the only asset that keeps the ISPACE in high demand. Its podcast studio grants students access to specialized sound recording equipment to streamline podcast production. The room’s soundproof walls and advanced software supply the best recording quality for podcast assignments. Users of the space may also edit recordings to their liking, ensuring the creation of high-quality work and creative achievement.  

The ISPACE officially opened on August 23, 2018, and remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff made use of the space’s technology to create face shields to distribute to local hospitals and various departments across campus. The space’s adaptive and innovative capacities exhibit CSULB’s boundless service to its students and larger community.

"Academic Technology Services (ATS) is currently exploring immersive technologies such as AR, VR, XR, AI, and 3D reconstruction to enhance traditional education," says Director of Academic Technology Support Services, Dennis Lupresto, "We're working closely with faculty to embrace new and established tools that will help us prepare our students for the ever-evolving workforce and foster innovative learning paradigms. We owe this progress to our dedicated staff and partnerships with faculty."

The ISPACE’s stewardship is also part of Beach 2030's foundational strategic priorities. Students who utilize the space are able to cultivate resilience through proactive training. Additionally, it cultivates what it means to build a student-ready university by connecting learning experiences to the future of work.  

Located on the lower level of the library, the ISPACE is open to students, staff, and faculty on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To reserve a group tour or an individual consultation, fill out their service request form. To learn more about the ISPACE's goals and functions, visit their website