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Mission & Vision


Education. Research. Community. Wellness.


Our vision is to inspire our community to a lifelong commitment to wellness. We aim to promote intergenerational relationships between our members and LBSU students, staff, and faculty. 

We invest in education and research as a foundation of our purpose. We take pride in preparing high-quality health and fitness professionals by providing internship and career development opportunities for LBSU students. We offer research and community engagement opportunities for students and faculty.

We foster a community that inspires healthy behaviors and empowers longer, healthier, happier lives. We know the names of our members, our staff, and our interns, and we are invested in the well-being of those in our community. We connect with local and national organizations and health professionals to strengthen our network. 

We cultivate wellness because we know that well-being stems from a sustainable lifestyle of healthy behaviors. We provide multidisciplinary and innovative health, fitness, and social programs that promote a lifelong commitment to wellness.