Graduate Programs

The Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice will expand and increase individual competency, develop and mature thought processes, aid in gaining insights into professional leadership and knowledge, permit an exchange between students and faculty, and further the spirit of research and scholarship to enhance professional and personal development. The curriculum is designed to offer a balance of theory and practical application that will prove to be challenging to students and useful in the field.

The M.S. provides the requisite knowledge and opportunity for individuals:

  •  to be competitive for administrative positions in the courts, corrections, law enforcement, security, probation and parole;
  •  to fill research positions in criminal justice agencies;
  •  to pursue advanced degrees (J.D. or Ph.D.);
  •  and to fill community college teaching positions in criminal justice.

The School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Management offers the M.S. in two formats:

  1. A full-time traditional program on CSULB's campus that is designed to be completed in two-year academic years (i.e., this program is not designed for students with full-time jobs); and 

  2. A part-time, online accelerated program for Justice Professionals

Regardless of whether a student pursues the traditional, on-campus master's degree program as a full-time student or pursues the accelerated M.S., the degree requirements are the same. The M.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice requires 36-semester units of course work. The program consists of six core courses and a series of electives.


Please note transferring from the M.S. Online program to the Traditional M.S. program and vice versa AND enrollment in the M.S. Online program and taking classes in the Traditional M.S . program and vice versa are NOT permitted.