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Child and Family Associated Students (CAFAS) 
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Child and Family Associated Students (CAFAS) is a student organization sponsored by CSULB Associated Students, Inc. The mission of Child and Family Associated Students (CAFAS) is to improve the lives of children and families. We see the importance of early childhood as a vital stage in life and the family as integral in providing an enriched, nurturing environment for children. We also see the importance of culture, community, and society. CAFAS is commited to these areas and creates an opportunity to support all who work with, care for, and educate young children by supplying them with a multitude of resources. CAFAS provides resources such as job fairs, philanthropy work with organizations in our community, CPR and First Aid training for students, workshops on how to attain Child Development Permits, and guest speakers in the field of Child Development and other areas of interest. Students who become involved in CAFAS have the opportunity to network with other students, as well as apply for various scholarships.

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