MSTI Overview

Wanted: Math and Science Teachers

California's school are experiencing a critical need for more fully qualified math and science teachers. In turn, the state's industries need a better qualified workforce whose skills are stronger in science, math and technology if the state's economy is to recover and grow.

In response, CSULB's Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) Program can offer you support in achieving your goal of becoming a math or science teacher. Whether you are thinking of adding a supplemental credential to an existing one (Multiple Subject Credential holder who wants to teach Math at the Middle School Level) or someone who is considering a career in teaching but has a background or aptitude for math or science, we can help you. We offer reimbursement for CSET exam preparation courses, course materials, CSET test fees, or credential processing fees upon your successful completion. We can also help you apply for the any scholarships and aid available to math and science teachers.


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