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Course of Study

Admitted students should consult with their advisor regarding appropriate course selection. It is important that candidates take courses in the advised sequence. Candidates will therefore need to be available to take courses at the day, time, and semester they are offered.


Missing prerequisites may be completed during the first year in the program.

  • EDP 400 (or equivalent) – Introduction  to Educational Research
  • EDP 301 or 302 (or equivalent) – Child Development and Learning OR Early and Late Adolescent Development and Learning One of the following

Master’s Degree Requirements

The degree objective requires a total of 30 units (not including prerequisites) made up of a 24-unit core and a 6-unit "foundation" that culminates in either (a) a master's thesis (6 units) or (b) a written comprehensive examination plus electives to meet the 30 unit minimum (6 units).

Core Courses (24 units):

  • ED P 419 Educational Statistics
  • ED P 519 Quantitative Educational Data Analysis I
  • ED P 520 Quantitative Research Methods in Education
  • ED P 541 Seminar in Educational Measurement and Assessment
  • ED P 595 Qualitative Research Methods in Education
  • ED P 596 Program Evaluation in Education
  • ED P 604 Seminar in Human Development
  • EDCI 533 Action Research Methods

Exit Requirement (6 units):

One of the following, chosen with program advisor consultation:

  • Thesis EDP 698 (6 units taken over two semesters)
  • Written Comprehensive Exam AND 6 units 500/600 level electives selected with the approval of the program advisors, for example:
    • EDCI 695 Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction
    • ED P 536 Collaborative Consultation
    • EDSP 564 Special Education Assessment