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Beyond Compliance Workshops

September 2018

Agenda (PDF)

ThoughtExchange Instructions (PDF)

September 2017

Agenda (PDF)

October 2015

Agenda (PDF)​

Data Discussion & Documentation

Data Discussion & Documentation Guide (PDF)​

Signature Assignment & Rubric Review

Signature Assignment Review - Overview & Guideline (PDF)​

Signature Assignment Review - Program Discussion Worksheet (PDF)​

Rubric Calibration Review - Overview & Guideline (PDF)​

Documentation of Signature Assignment Rubric Calibration (PDF)​

September 2014

Agenda (PDF)​

Turning Data into Action

SLO Data Discussion Guide (PDF)​

Acting on Assessment-Related Data (PDF)​

Calibrating on Rubrics

Rubric Tips and Guidelines (PDF)​

Step-by-Step Calibration Process (PDF)​

May 2010

Agenda (PDF)​

Using Data

Session Outline (PDF)​

APE Student Exit Survey (PDF)​

APE Survey and Exit Interview Handout (PDF)​

Portfolio Directions and Rubric (PDF)​

Session Notes (by Felipe Golez) (PDF)​

Useful Rubrics

Making Rubrics Useful (PDF)​

Rubric Resource (PDF)​

Session Notes (by Paul Boyd-Batstone) (PDF)​

Effective Feedback to Student

Calibrated Peer Review Handout (PDF)​

Session Summary (by Steve Turley) (PDF)