FAQs - Art Credential Program

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE:  If you are planning to apply to CSULB for the credential, please see the Application Tips Guidelines

A GPA of 2.67 is required to enter the single subject credential program. If your GPA is below 2.67 you must petition to enter the program. In most cases, your petition is looked upon favorably if your GPA for the last 60 units of college credit is above a 2.75. Your petition is reviewed by the Art Education Department and the Single Subject Credential Program Petition Committee.   Students can be admitted, provisionally admitted or rejected at this point. Please note that you must have a 2.50 GPA to be admitted to the university as a post-baccalaureate student. Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the Single Subject Credential Program.

CSULB will accept the CSET for subject matter competency. That means you have a few choices as to how you will demonstrate subject matter competency. You can do our waiver program (see a list of required courses) or you can take the test.  We actively promote the coursework as we feel you'll have a greater preparation for student teaching.


The set of classes for the art credential has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

If you take the exams you still must take the professional education courses for the credential. 

There are a variety of scholarships, loans and grants available for prospective teachers. The College of Education has information about various sources of funds. Visit them for paperwork.

The best information on credential financial aid is the financial aid office. Visit their website to find out more.

The College of Education also has scholarships available for students enrolled in the credential program.  You can find the application here. 

Student teaching is a full time, semester-long commitment. Once you have completed your coursework (both art and professional education) you will enroll in 15 units of student teaching during a single semester. You are expected to be at the school all day long. Most art students are placed in either a middle school or a high school for their student teaching experience.  You will ultimately be responsible for creating lessons, teaching classes and grading student work. You will observe your master teacher and other teachers in the school. You will learn how a school works by attending department and faculty meetings and conferences, and other extra-curricular events.

During student teaching, you will be observed by university supervisors (approximately 10 class sessions).  You will also enroll in and participate in the student teaching seminar on campus.

If you are employed by a school as an intern when it comes time to student teach you can petition to complete student teaching while on the job. A list of conditions must be met when using a job for student teaching. See Dr. Gatlin or the Single Subject office to find out more about this option.

If a student fails or withdraws from Student Teaching they may petition to re-enroll in student teaching in a subsequent semester. In virtually all cases, there will be additional stipulations put on students in this situation. We do this to increase the likelihood of success the second time. Students in this situation are usually prohibited from using a job for student teaching, especially the first year of the job. Again, see Dr. Gatlin for details.

From the 405 or 605 take route 22 (7th Street) West. CSULB is located on 7th Street. Enter campus on West Campus Drive (next to the large, electronic message sign). Make your first right off West Campus. Follow the road around the Education Building to the stop sign. There are metered parking spaces to the left of the stop sign or straight through the stop sign. After parking your car you can proceed to EED building (the buildings you just drove around) if you want to go to the Single Subject Office (EED-67) or you can proceed north to FA2. To get to FA2 you will walk away from 7th Street. You will pass by open fields. The first large building on your right will be FA2.  My office is FA2 201.

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