Subject Pool: Instructions & Guidelines for Students & Researchers

The Department of Marketing Subject Pool (DOMSP) is designed to provide faculty and thesis student researchers access to student subjects. All students enrolled in MKTG 300 in the fall and spring semesters are required to complete 2 credit hours of research participation, to represent a maximum of 5% of their final course grade (credit/no credit basis). Some faculty in other departments (e.g., HRM) allow their students to earn extra credit for research study participation.

NOTICE: Until further notice, studies will be conducted totally online.  If the Office of Research revises their guidelines, on-campus studies may be allowed at a later time.

Questions about alternative options for the Human Subject Pool research course requirement must be directed to your Instructor.

Before students register and sign up for research sessions, it is important to review the following instructions and warnings carefully (open all tabs below).

  • Users are also urged to view the Sona Systems YouTube tutorial for study participants (also embedded on the right).
  • Then, go to the Sona Systems site to start the registration process, as instructed below.
  • Once you complete the registration process, you will receive email notifications about new studies and other important DOMSP updates.