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Winners of Sustainability Showcase Project from Green Marketing The students are assigned a green marketing plan for a company as their final project and, as part of that, they have to develop 10 indicators that show how the company is 'doing well by doing good.' The next step is to illustrate those 10 indicators in the form of a poster which they must submit to the annual Sustainability Showcase. This year, the Chipotle team came in 2nd place and the Bloom Energy team came in 3rd place.
Rhino Horns and Rhino Powder
Research is forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Affairs, the presented PDF file is a Non-technical summary: The Price of Hope – Insights into Rhino Horn Consumption in Health-related Contexts in Vietnam (pdf) 
Long Beach Downtown
3Q/2020: The Covid-19 Edition II "Where Are We and Where Do We Go From Here?"
COB Dr. Witkowski won the Conference Best Paper Award
Marketing Professor Witkowski won the Conference Best Paper Award for “Prohibitions, Boycotts, and Resisting the Green Dragon:  Right-Wing Anti-Consumption in America” in the 2019 annual Macromarketing Conference. The George Fisk Award for the best conference paper. Witkowski, Terrence H., “Prohibitions, Boycotts, and Resisting the Green Dragon: Right-wing Anticonsumption in America.” Accepted for presentation at the 2019 Macromarketing Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, June 26-29